Ape Now, Pay Later

How to buy your NFT.

Steps to Purchase

​Video Tutorial ​
Borrowers select an NFT and view the related Ape Now Pay Later loan terms.

Step 1 : NFT Selection

Select a Collection and input the desired NFT's Token ID

Step 2: Accept terms

After carefully reviewing the terms, click on Accept loan terms to proceed

Step 3: Finalize the Loan

Finalize the loan agreement by clicking on Buy NFT Now, Pay Later

Step 4: Sign two transactions through your Digital Wallet

The first transaction is to approve the terms on the BNPL smart contract in order to act as a forwarder
The second transaction to make the down payment and secure the NFT in escrow

NFT succesfully secured through BNPL 🎉🎉

Borrowers can now go to Teller WebApp to make their recurring payments. Once all the payments are successfully completed, the NFT will be transferred to the borrower’s wallet from escrow.

Overall Borrower Flow